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  • Vince Lombardi Vince Lombardi Apr 24, 2012 1:19 AM Flag

    Rotisserie Vs Head to Head

    I think rotisserie format BLOWS.

    If you prefer it- why?

    What format do you prefer?

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    • H2H is okay until September when they start sitting the stars on playoff teams. I prefer Roto because you can plan ahead and get more GP's played before that happens.

    • I play both.

      H2H gives you the excitement of competing week to week and then fighting your way through the playoffs. Rivalries are born during matchups. Smack talk is posted. However, the main drawback is that you are playing all or nothing from week to week. You could have had the best team drafted BUT if your team is cold and your opponets team is hot, you are left with a losing record.

      Rotisserie lets you manage your team throughout an entire season. Lets you see exactly where your team strength and weaknesses lie. To me, it is a more complete baseball experience. My preferred game of choice.

      Maybe the reason you say Rotisserie "BLOWS" is because you have never really given it a chance? What say you Leo The Lip?

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      • Most ppl that win rotisserie leagues have luck on their side with no injuries. it is almost impossible to win a roto league when 2 of ur top 3 picks miss half the season with an inury. obviosuly in the h2h leagues u can stash ur key injuries on the dl or ir and find some way to play .500. when the crunch time of the season comes u'll find ur players are healthy and u can make the push that u intended to make when you drafted ur team.

    • Head2head is GARRBAGGE, mainly cuz you can never really figure out where your team needs improvements.
      You're just facing diff lineups every week.
      Rotisserie's there more strategics.
      But you're a Cubs fan so i don't expect you to understand that


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