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  • Jeremy Jeremy May 29, 2012 9:44 AM Flag

    Dynasty League

    Cubs, Padres, Phillies, and Brewers are still available, also have staff positions for teams:

    Staff Rules:

    Each team will have 5 positions to be filled. You will need these positions:

    Website Designer:
    This member will be responsible for maintaining a team website, that is to be approved by the commissioner. They will recieve stories from the the Beat Writer. The website should be updated weekly. It also should look respectable, if nessecary, use a MLB team's website as a guide line. You may include whatever you think would be nessecary or fun to have on there. The reccomended website builder is weebly. You are not required to purchase anything, such as a domain or weebly upgrade. If you already have 2 websites, you are permitted to use another provider if you get it approved by the commissioners office.

    Beat Writer:
    They will be required to write at least two articles per week. Every day, two articles from around the league, will be posted on the front page. A writer may also do a little research, such as snooping in the chatbox, and such to garner a hot topic. You are even allowed to create a false lead, which can be instramental for a team. EX: Team A is shopping Nelson Cruz, and team B is interested, but not going to give into a huge prospect package, due to lack of interest elsewhere. The writer for team A can publish an article saying Team C is offering a large package, and they are getting close which could pressure the other team into giving more. They may accept tips from teams as well. The beat writer plays a big role for the team.

    Head of Player Development:
    They could be used to figure out when to call up a player or which level to assign them to. If a prospect isn't going to do well, they can persuade the GM to trade him. They are in charge of the minor league system.

    Minors Scout/Head of Draft:
    They are going to make reccomendations on prospects in other systems, and if the owner is not familiar with the draft, can even do the Rule 5 draft, Supplemental Draft, and Ameatuer Draft. At worst they would just make reccomendations.

    The AGM will fill in as an interim GM if the GM is dissmissed or on vacation. This is the most sought after position, as they are most likely to win a job as a GM and have the most power of the staff. If the GM leaves, they will introduce the new GM, and show them the ropes of how the team has been run, and what the plan was. AGM's and the staff of the team is alerted when an owner drops out and is sent an application.

    I need to hire 1 of each for my team, if you make enough money in the league you can buy a franchise when they become available

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