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  • Steve Steve Apr 10, 2012 10:36 PM Flag

    How do I unring a Moron's Bell

    So I am commisshing this league and thid player drops CarGo to pick up wait for it... Jordan Shafer ...I am looking for a spare OF and find Gonzales just sitting there. Obviously I grab him. and go look at the Tranlog to find out who dumped him. Like I said Moron.

    I immediately send out an email to the the league saying this is a bonehead play and if he dumps anyone else I am dumping him from the league.

    Another player points out that I should apply the Can't cut setting, Which I do.

    So here is my problem I don't need Cargo but there he sits on my roster. I would love to flip him for a 1B where I am really weak. Should I give him back to the moron? If someone else had grabbed him rather than me I would be hard pressed to say "you can't have him give him back to the moron". I was just luck enough to be in the right place at the right time.

    What's the proper thing to do?

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    • Not sure if answered already:

      1) If you have a Can't Cut List, and likely CarGo would be on it, then how did he manage to be dropped? That would not be physically possible. So, since that manager dropped him, then the Can't Cut List was not applied at the time. That needs to be rectified.

      2) As Blackswampblues mentioned, how come the waiver system is not in place? It would have been less of an issue if he dropped CarGo and the highest waiver priority manager picked him up. Sure, people would question why he was dropped but at least everyone would have a fair crack at getting him based on waiver priority.

      It's only because he goes straight to FA and you were quickest to get him that people complained since you are the commish. That's not the best system, as it rewards those who are online the most, rather than evening the playing field. Waivers should be automatic, especially in a league with newbies as it helps them learn the system.

      I don't think you can go back and undo what has been done, as there would be no fair way to do it. However, I do suggest that you vote on whether the waiver system should be implemented from now on (though not sure if can be changed post-draft). If you have 100% managers in agreement, then make the change and make the waiver priority what it would be post-draft. E.g. top pick gets lowest priority etc.

      You'll have a better league as in the current system you may have the same issue come up again and you don't want that. Making sure the Can't Cut List is actually active (you'll see next to those players that you cannot physically drop them) and a waiver system will be a fairer and better to help make the league runs more smoothly, and help the newer players learn.

    • its probably the guys first year....give him a break (especially since hes just a "homer" like you were saying he kept talking about the braves or whatever...)....your league your rules, but you asked for advice....

    • I'd keep him, this kid may be new, but you didn't make him stupid and if you got him off the wire that means everybody else could have to. If you want him, keep him, he yours, if you don't want him, trade him and tell everybody else to quit bit----ing, they had the same chance as you. It just shows what you can find when you pay attention, instead of walking around with your head up your whalehole.

    • show you are a true sportsman.. drop him and let some poor unfortunate pick him up ..case closed problem solved conscience cleared SLEEP WELL 2-NITE.. if ur lookin for an excuse to keep him ...OH HELL NO!!!NO keep him and win ..you cheated.. let him go and lose... ur a looser.. WHAT TO DO...WHAT TO DO???

    • aint he on the cant cut list

    • how is it that your league doesn't have waivers?
      that is how it should have been settled, with guys competing for him via waiver priority.

      that you, as commish, just happened to grab him off FA...looks fishy.
      the proper thing to do is make him available via waiver priority.

      • 1 Reply to blackswampblues
      • I completely agree that it "Looks fishy" I was hesitant to grab him on that basis. 10 team league. I played with fou of themn last teas as well The guy wandered in and talked up th Braves all through the Live draft I think he is just a kid,

        Reaction in the league has been suprisingly muted.

        One guy was criticizing me for slappi the dimwit and I actuallly publically apologized for the way I told himm to knock it off.. But that same owner siad the rules are the rule and it is nobody's business that he dropped him.

        The dimwit also chimed in and said "show me the rule book where it says I can't drop anybody I want to drop"

        Only one person said I should give him back."Really come on he is on the no cut list. You should put him back on the fools team who dropped picking up is not the right decision. We are missing settings and a lot of scoring categories how thought out was the league when you started it? Just my opinion"

        The guy did not realize that there was not a no cut list in our league. and wanted me to add BB to the hitter categories after the season started.

        Here is how I resolved it.

        "OK First of all Hammersticks called me out for jumping down Chief Knockahome's throat for the Drop and he of course is right. I did so thoughtlessly and I should not have, I am sorry.

        My reaction was based on a situation I saw last year when a player decided to dump his entire team and we got into a major row over the "put him back..... you put them back first" crapfest that ruined the league. The truth of it is as both Hammersticks and Chief pointed out. It is not against the rules to dump a marquee player for someone who is not.

        Since this was not a player dump I ultimately felt like the resulting dominoes have to stand. I would honestly have a very hard time as commish taking away a player from someone who picked him up honestly and forcing him back on someone who has stated he does not want him. It's his choice and it's done..

        I reacted harshly and for that I am truly sorry but the drop and pick up of Cargo stands."

        since I posted last night.
        The reaction to the decision has been completely nonexsitent. I think that is probably due to it being so early in the season.

    • Give him back, and drop the Moron.


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