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  • Alessandro Alessandro Apr 2, 2012 12:52 PM Flag

    Suggestions on Expansion Teams

    currently in a 3rd year Keeper League, but looking to add 2 expansion teams to the mix for next year..

    anyone have any good suggestions on how to make this work for the entire league as well as the expansion teams... need some fair comments

    Thanks all in advance

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    • This is how my league did it

      1) 25 active players per team (not including DL slots)
      2) teams must pick 10 players to put on the “protected list” 3) draft order will be chosen by random drawing – draft order is serpentine
      4) there will be one round of players chosen by the four teams
      5) no active team can lose more than one player per round 6) after the each round, teams may chose to protect two more players

      Round 1 1) four players Round 2 1) four players Round 3 1) three players

    • It really depends on the keeper rules you have in place now, and how much you want to mess with them. I like using the keeper rule of giving up a draft pick 2 rounds higher than what the player was initially drafted at. That gives everybody a shot at the first 2 rounds of players every year.

      If that doesn't work, or in addition to, you could have all current owners next year give up players to a waiver pool, and then allow the new guys to get first crack at those players. Depending on how many keepers you name and how deep the league is, you could set it up in "tiers", so that everybody gives up one Tier 1 player (say, a top 50 pick), then a Tier 2 player (top 100), Tier 3 - etc. The new teams could then select 1 player from each Tier to be their keepers 2 rounds LOWER than their previous draft position (to allow for nobody dropping their best players). For example, if someone gave up Jimmy Rollins and they were drafted in the 5th round last year, the new team could name them to be a keeper for their 7th round pick.

      I'd probably set it up so that the two new teams joining got to pick 1 and 2 in the draft order. Team 2 gets to name their Tier 1 keeper first, Team 1 gets first choice of the 2nd Tier keeper, and so on, alternating until all keepers were assigned. After all teams name their keepers, all unclaimed players would go back in the pool and available to everyone as per any other draft.

      good luck

    • Is it a keeper league?


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