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  • Isaac Isaac Mar 24, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    1st year player..My team.

    Any advice?

    wilson ramos-c
    lance berkman-1b
    neil walker-2b
    jose bautista-3b
    dee gordon-ss
    josh hamilton-of
    nelson cruz-of
    torii hunter-of
    david ortiz-util
    yunel escobar-ss
    carlos lee-of
    edwin encarnacion-1b,3b
    gaby sanchez-1b
    jonathan lucroy-c
    johnny damon-of

    clayton kershaw-sp
    matt cain-sp
    craig kimbrel-rp
    j.j putz-rp
    madison bumgarner-sp
    ricky romero-sp
    ubaldo jimenez-sp
    jason motte-rp

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    • Not bad for a first try...you have too many slugs on offense i.e. low upside...high risk players (relative to trending performance) walker, gordon, cruz, hunter, escobar, encarnacion, sanchez, are all on my don't draft list. You won't see the majority of these guys over perform their average draft position and basically they aren't too good at their respective position.

      You're pitching looks decent although you probably gave up some great hitters to pick the #1 closer. Usually a bad idea. Kershaw, Cain, Bumgarner are all ACES...you will do well in pitching and Ubaldo...GREAT value pick. Good chance he returns to form...yeah...Cy Young caliber pitcher. Romero solid. Really, you did very well with pitching but your offense is terrible. It is generally much harder to pickup offense over the course of the year followed by SP then closers...then regular RP. Note: you can run 2 high end RPs like venters, salas, (who could end up closing) = 1 ACE pitcher...basically for free..not to mention using spot starts....again...pitching you can manage around...hitting you can't.

    • Not bad for your first draft at all, Congrats.

      Just a tip or two. Do NOT be afraid to use the FA (free agent) pool throughout the season. The FA pool is your friend. Monitor it and watch for the next hot young hitter on the rise. Young arms and new closers tend to pop up in there a lot too.

      Cruz and Hamilton are certainly really good OF but they tend to get injured a lot. Be prepared for that by keeping an eye on OF in your FA pool. As soon as someone goes on DL (red DL by their name), pull them down with mouse until your DL slot appears and you drag them there. Then go out asap and pick up a replacement player. Even if you have a replacement on the bench, don't miss out on having an extra temp guy on your roster in the meantime.

      There are some good young OF types out there to maybe replace Damon with. Is Dayan Vicideo still available? Or outside chance Lucas Duda is still there? (If he is, grab him immediately). Chris Heisey? Maybe de Aza?

      Honestly you have an older team which is fine in non keeper but these guys can become more a name than a stat machine as they grow older. Carlos Lee may not produce anything near what some younger players will this season. Don't be afraid to experiment with some younger players. You can always throw them back into FA pool for the latest player who is on a hot streak. It's a great way to start learning about all the players available to you.

      Also keep your eye open for another speed guy or two down the road. You seem weakest on SB stats. Dee Gorden then who? But you'll figure it out as you go along.

      Good luck. Hope you have a great season.

    • Your team has some good players. You need to dump Damon as he isn't on a team. As for your second C? I'd take Olivo if he's sitting in your FA. For your first team ever? You did decent....


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