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  • The Skipper The Skipper Mar 7, 2012 5:34 PM Flag

    1 more team, 1AL/1NL Format


    League ID# 118897
    Password# 2team

    Welcome to one of the most unique leagues you will play in this year. It will be fun, simple, and require active managing to win. Join if you are up for the challenge.

    Upon joining will need to follow (2) simple instructions. I will use this to weed out total idiots that will try to join our league.

    Here are the instructions:

    1) You can either pick (2) teams from the "A" list, or (2) teams from the "B" list. One must be an American League team and one must be a National League team.

    How you mix them is your choice, just stay within the "A" and "B" lists. Lists were compiled from Las Vegas odds on who will win the World Series in 2012 and then evenly divided between NL and AL Teams. By sticking to the lists, it should even out the talent and prevent team stacking which occurs in other AL/NL Formats.

    A List
    Philadelphia Phillies(X)
    San Francisco Giants(X)
    Miami Marlins(X)
    Cincinnati Reds(X)
    Atlanta Braves(X)
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Milwaukee Brewers
    Cleveland Indians(X)
    Minnesota Twins(X)
    Kansas City Royals(X)
    Oakland A's
    Seattle Mariners(X)
    Baltimore Orioles
    Chicago White Sox(X)

    Los Angeles Angels(X)
    New York Yankees(X)
    Detroit Tigers(X)
    Boston Red Sox(X)
    Texas Rangers(X)
    Tampa Bay Rays(X)
    Toronto Blue Jays(X)
    Washington Nationals(X)
    Colorado Rockies(X)
    Los Angeles Dodgers(X)
    Chicago Cubs(X)
    Pittsburgh Pirates(X)
    New York Mets
    San Diego Padres(X)
    Houston Astros(X)

    (X) - Team Taken

    2) You will control the players on your 2 teams only and I will assign your initial roster once league is full of 12 teams. First come, first served on team selections, NO DUPLICATES. After that, it's up to you. I will also assign you to the division you took your teams from.

    I put a lot of effort into this and I will be an active manager. Thanks for joining and let's have some fun. This should be a blast and stay competitive. Keep in mind it is a (Daily-Today) format, so you can change out players right up until game time. No need for Bench players as no waivers and the format eliminate the need. I'll pick my team from what's left over. Keep it honest and police your match-ups. No Cheating!

    Now LET'S PLAY BALL!!!


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