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    Thank you for your interest in our Dynasty League Baseball. A little bit of background. We are in our 4th year with most of the original 20 owners intact. Being a Dynasty League, owners bring their ENTIRE roster back from year to year allowing them to build long term teams. Our league is more competitive than any league I have ever played in in any sport and I have played in over 80 leagues at very high competition levels. If you are not a TOTAL FANTASY GEEK you have absolutely no chance in our league. You will get run over and lose interest quickly as it is definitely a league that needs to be checked DAILY in order to compete.

    I am Nate, the commish. I have an 84% overall rating and a 93% rating in baseball specializing in dominating large 16-team or more leagues. I am the greatest fantasy baseball player in all of Yahoo and have assembled other lesser nerds around me in this league. If you do not have loads of Championship level experience, we don't want you and you won't want to play. The 2nd best thing about me after my talent is my fairness. Owners swear by leagues I run and some have been playing in some of them for almost a decade. There is NO censorship on the messageboard. You can feel free to trash whoever you want in whatever way you want, including myself. In fact I am often a target as I am better than you and everyone else but there is never any repercussions for calling me names or ripping on my mother. Activity on the messageboard is always encouraged.

    We currently have 2 open teams of owners who chose not to return. We are throwing the players on these 2 teams into a pool and will allow the 2 new owners to draft their own team from the players on these 2 teams. This will be done by me sending both new owners a list of the rosters of the old teams. The 2 new owners will need to rank all of the players available(42 total players) BEFORE MARCH 1ST. I will then conduct a snake draft among the 2 new owners using their ranking of players. This will give the 2 new owners some "pride in ownership" of their new teams rather than just being stuck with what the previous owners left. So obviously this takes some legwork by the new owners, but that is good, cause if you don't have the time to rank 42 players you can't compete with any of us alpha baseball players anyways.

    I currently have over 30 applications for these two spots. Please let me know your profile rating, championships won and why you would be a dominant owner among our current dominant owners. I will fill these 2 spots by Tuesday. Your ranking of players would be due back by Thursday as I will fill all of the rosters and league business will open at that time.

    Do you have a FIRE in your belly to compete with the best ever(Me, Nate!). If not, go back to your hole in the ground and watch in awe as me and my 84% profile rating (93% in baseball) pass through.


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