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  • Clayton Clayton Feb 25, 2012 6:05 AM Flag

    Keeper Managers: Joe F. Lovitto (that's Mr. Lovitto to you, son) wants you!

    This is the third year of the Joe Lovitto Memorial League (with the blessing of his daughter). Jumpin' Joe Lovitto, of course, was one of the coolest players of the '70s, and no less than Billy Martin declared that he would have been kind of Willie Mays-like, were it not for injuries. Billy also said that Joe was a great drinking buddy. Joe was the all-time icon of the Texas-California axis of cool; he looked like he belonged in Aerosmith.

    The league is tough: I typically rank in the top two of regular leagues, I've placed 8th and 9th in the JLML. We have some interesting characters, but we're all serious players.

    We keep 12, declaring them a week before the scheduled March 25 draft (1pm Mets time, but we do tend to move this around, to ensure that everyone's there)

    TEAMS AVAILABLE (obviously you may re-name them):

    CARDINALS 11: Pujols, Uggla, Carpenter, E Santana….they were competitive, but it strikes me that they could use some good drafting.

    STEELTOWN PIRATES: Total re-building situation: Kinsler, McCutchen, a lot of drafting to do.

    LEGEND KILLERS: Last year's regular season leaders, failed in the playoffs. David Wright, Ryan Howard, Nelson Cruz, Jeter; Beckett, C. J. Wilson. Solid core.

    We're a 9x8 league (batting: r, hr, rbi, sb, k's, avg, obs, obs+, gshr; pitching: w, cg, sv, iw, k's, gidp, era,bb).

    We vote on rule changes every year, but don't change them much.

    The Commish,



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