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    $50 H2H 5x5 ESPN Keeper

    I'm the commish of a $50 12 team 5x5 H2H keeper league run on ESPN going into our 4th season. We have a team opening for this coming season. A few of the more unconventional league rules include a home/away system that gives the 1st tied category to the home team 2nd to the road team 3rd to the home team...ect, draft pick trading is allowed for up to a year in advance (in other words you may trade players during the season for picks in the upcoming draft which we call "rental trades"), we allow multi-team trades (though we've never actually had one even agreed to), limited adds and no trades for the playoffs (each team is allowed a total of 3 adds for the entire playoffs), 7 team playoff with a 1st round bye being the reward for finishing 1st in the regular season, and we also have a 5 year award which is given out to the team with the highest total trophy stars (if you would like to know how that works exactly just ask) that is team with the highest total not the manager so if you take over a team that already has trophy stars you keep those for your own shot at the 5 year crown which will be reset heading into this year. If you have any questions or want anything clarified you can email me at turtle_10_2009@hotmail.com A final note, each team is allowed 3 keepers which must be outside the top 12 of ESPN's top 300 list. Those top 12 players have already been dropped from their teams to avoid confusion. The payouts are:

    League Champion - $200
    2nd Place - $100
    3rd Place - $70
    Division Champions - $30 (4 divisions)
    Monthly Top Record - $20 (5 months)
    5 yr prize - $50 ($10 from each season)

    Here's the sites for the league and team

    And the site for Pink Tacos (has the #4 pick)

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