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  • Wraith Wraith Feb 8, 2012 9:43 PM Flag

    99% of Money leagues= SCAM

    this is how its done with yahoo you can own as many I.Ds as you want so you can have 8-9 teams in the same league what they do is get 3-4 suckers to give then 50-100 dollars this gives them a 4-1 or 3-1 advantage over you Casinos dont even get this type of advantage and look at all the money they win

    Do yourself a favor unless you run an office league or an all real life friends league don~t fall for this trash trust me with 8-9 teams I could control the draft as well

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    • Run your own league through Yahoo! and operate through LeagueSafe to hold the money. Find a league that you trust and has a history. I have run a league for several years and if you know what your are looking for, you can find a fair league.

      Speaking of, I am opening another $100 buy in league this year, so if anyone has any interest in a FAIR well run money league, email me at highheatfantasybaseball@yahoo.com and I will provide you with more information about my leagues, and my philosophy as a commissioner. Thanks.

    • with 8-9 teams you can control the draft you can say what you want but give me 9 teams and your team will look terrible and you wont have a chance of winning anything then there is always the trading aspect it doesnt have to be lopsided just a4-5 well placed trades and a team is stacked

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      • Please shoe me exactly how someone would "control" a draft by having 8 different logins...so you have 8 computers logged in for a draft and you make all the picks for each team just to scam a couple of hundred dollars? I seriously doubt very many people are that dedicated. I do know that some people have gotten screwed by a commissioner who kept the proceeds but that is the exception, not the rule. Find a league with a long history. I have one that's been going on 14 seasons. Also, there is an extremely legit dude named Harry that advertises his leagues (23 of them!) on here and I've been in his leagues for a few years. All clean and prize money always delivered immediately. (Grand Slam Trophy leagues).


    • That's why people use sites like leaguesafe.com now.
      The money is kept safe.
      Also, even with a 4-1 advantage for the cheater, the odds remain the same for you ... barring some lop-sided trades. If you understand fantasy baseball and stick with your team. you can still win despite the commish having 3 teams.

    • You sir are an idiot. You have absolutely no idea how many are scams and legit. I play in $$ leagues every yr without any issues. Either your percentage is off or I'm the luckiest SOB in the world. Sounds like someone is bitter for being taken by a rare scam.

    • yeah, I could see a lot of potential for scam leagues.

      ...and therefore this now becomes the worst segway ever...

      I'm looking for 1 very competitve owner. 1 spot open in yahoo fantasy points league. 16 team league. 10th year in yahoo for our league. $15 buy-in. $ Awards to top 6 finishers.
      Once you access our historical data on yahoo you will see that our league is the 1% that is legit and truly unique and super competitve.
      If you are interested please send an e-mail to ialombardo@gmail.com


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