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  • Rick M. Rick M. Feb 7, 2012 10:43 PM Flag

    yahoo open today?

    There was a message from Yahoo that said Tues Feb 9 for league registration, then it was changed to Thurs Feb 9. Saw a message that said the 'entire season' would start April 4, then whoops, that was changed to March 28. Saw a message that referred to the registration ending in mid-June which would actually be the end of mid-season registration. Then saw a message referring to the end of full season registration ending on April 28. You might find one message in a certain area, and another message with different info in another area. A very simple solution to the yearly guessing game would be for the powers that be at Yahoo to post a message at the top of the baseball message board section and then keep that message the same as any other messages anywhere else within Yahoo. If Yahoo really cared about what 'the unwashed masses' really wanted and cared about, then posting correct messages in proper places wouldn't be a problem.


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