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    Looking for a keeper league

    I am looking for a $20-$50 dynasty keeper league.16-20 ACTIVE teams H2H.I am already in a 20 team keeper and am looking for another league because participation is around%75 and I am looking for a league with all super active super serious owners.

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    • Still looking.

    • We have a opening in our yahoo 5x5 AL/NL auction/keeper league. It costs $200 and money is held at fantasysportsvault.com so no need to worry about getting ripped off like I have before on yahoo. I have a constitution and owners roster of keepers to pick from, if you are a roto fan and want good payouts..1200, 600, 400, 200..This league is for you, it is 12 teams and I CAN GIVE MORE INFO IF U EMAIL ME.


    • Thanks for all the offers but stand firm on the stated prerequisites.Let me know!

    • I have a $30 Dynasty league. You would inherit one of five teams. It is a 12-14 team league. HTH. Established last year. I run Dynasty leagues for 4 sports. I will commish a new $10 yearly re-draft league also, since some of my owners want something besides the Dynasty leagues. Email me if interested: gmwitt-77@sbcglobal.net

    • I got a 16 team roto, $50, auction draft, keeper if your willing to bend your requirements a little. Send me an email at george.rios@nyfa.edu if interested.

    • Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.Still looking for a mid to large keeper.

    • Would you be interested in a $100 10-team keeper (not dynasty) with all very active owners? We were a 12-team but lost 3 teams this offseason and have had no luck finding new owners. You would be able to choose between these two teams:

      Brandon Morrow, $6.50, 3 year deal 2010-2012
      Trevor Cahill, $6, 3 year deal 2010-2012
      Prince Fielder, $39, 3 year deal 2011-2013
      Franklin Gutierrez, $9, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Adrian Gonzalez, $46, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Brandon Phillips, $28, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Luke Scott, $8, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Jeremy Guthrie, $2, 3 year deal 2011-2013


      Dustin Pedroia, $32, 3 year deal 2010-2012
      Curtis Granderson, $24, 3 year deal 2010-2012
      Raul Ibanez, $9, 2 year deal 2010-2012
      Nick Swisher, $6.50, 3 year deal 2010-2012
      Hunter Pence, $15, 2 year deal 2010-2011
      C.J. Wilson, $10, 3 year deal 2011-2013
      Dallas Braden, $3, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Brad Lidge, $8, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Byce Harper, $1, 3 year deal 2011-2013
      Ian Kennedy, $10, 3 year deal 2011-2013
      Chase Headley, $1, 3 year deal 2010-2012

      For comparison this is my team:

      Wandy Rodriguez, $12, 3 year deal 2010-2012
      Stephen Strasburg, $1.75, 3 year deal 2010-2012
      Clayton Kershaw, $9, 3 year deal, 2010-2012
      Jake Peavy, $7, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Jose Bautista, $11, 2 year deal 2011-2012
      Carlos Santana, $1, 3 year deal 2011-2013
      Alex Gordon, $6.50, 3 year deal 2011-2013

      There are two drafts in the next two months (restricted draft for restricted contracts from last season and then the regular draft of remaining free agents). Teams are C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, 5 OF, 3 UTIL, 4 Bench, 4 DL, 5 SP, 3 RP, P.

      For more information if you're interested e-mail me: vinodole@yahoo.com


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