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    Recruiting for 16 team roto keeper $$$

    -ESPN 2012 Fantasy Baseball Keeper League (Each Team will be allowed 5 players for the 2013 season (next season) if they wish to hold on to their spot in the league and participate next year)
    -16 Team League, no exceptions, if the league doesn't reach 16 member prior to draft day it won't happen.
    -The Draft will be an Auction Draft (Each time is allotted a certain numbered budget and will place bids on players as they are presented in the draft)
    -Draft will be in late March at a time that best suits all managers.
    -There will be no limit to trades, trade deadline will be after the actual MLB trade deadline sometime in early August, and all trades will have a 2 day veto period in which a majority manager vote against (9 votes) will be needed for the trade to be rejected.
    -Lineup changed will be daily.
    -Teams will acquire free agents by Auction bidding, and processes for free agents will go through 3 times a week. (ex: mon, wed, fri)
    -Scoring will be Rotisserie Style (No Head to Head matchups, stats are totaled or averaged out over the entire season and points are rewarded to teams based on their standing in that particular category.) (ex: 1st in RBI's=16 fantasy points/16th in RBI's=1 fantasy point)
    -Scoring Categories are as follows:

    Batting Average (AVG) Home Runs (HR)
    Runs Scored (R) Runs Batted In (RBI)
    Stolen Bases (SB) On Base Pct (OBP)
    Earned Run Average (ERA)* Strikeouts (K)
    Walks plus Hits Per Innings Pitched (WHIP)* Wins (W)
    Saves (SV) Quality Starts (QS)
    *Minimum 1000 IP and a Maximum of 225 Games Started

    -Roster Size will be limited to 26 players including 2 Disabled List (DL) eligible players
    -22 Players will be allowed to start each day in the positions that follow:

    1 Catcher (C)
    1First Baseman (1B)
    1 Second Baseman (2B)
    1 Third Baseman (3B)
    1 Shortstop (SS)
    1 Middle Infielder (2B/SS)
    1 Corner Infielder (1B/3B)
    4 Outfielders (OF)
    2 Utility Batters (UTIL)
    2 Pitchers (P)
    5 Starting Pitchers (SP)
    2 Relief Pitchers (RP)
    4 Bench (BE)


    Those are all the basic rules, and as of right now all I can say is that this is a league playing for money and only serious players are encouraged to participate. With that said, a managers entrance fee will ensure to to me that he is committed to the league and that if he choses to not keep up with his team, it is his choice not to do so. DEAD TEAMS WILL BE LEFT DEAD. Winnings and Fees are as follows:

    Entrance Fee: $50

    1st Place Winnings: $400
    2nd Place Winnings: $250
    3rd Place Winnings: $100
    $4th Place Winnings: $50
    Through League Safe


    This league is open to anyone who wants to join and understands the entrance fee. If you have friends, family or anyone who wish to join they are more than welcome. Once the league has 16 members it will be locked.

    If you or a person you know want to join, please send an email to me at: george.rios@nyfa.edu

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