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    even if there is league safe involved here is the scam you get 3-4 guys to join and pay 100 dollars each and you use 8 different yahoo I.Ds for the other 8 teams doing this you get a 3-1 or 4-1 advantage of winning the pay spots Casinos don`t even get this type of advantage and look at what they rake in do yourself a favor if you want to give your money away give it to the Bum at your local mini-mart

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    • Are you guys serious i have never been in a league that was a scam....

    • as I said in the other thread - that's one reason why a lot of folks are playing at draftstreet now. It's only daily/weekly leagues instead of season long but they handle all payouts and they're processed right after the last game of the night finishes. Check it out - they do all sports there.
      Here's the registration link: http://bit.ly/x3OX1L

      If you like NBA: here's a free link to a contest for friday night with $250 in cash prizes (free to enter):http://bit.ly/AbyGxt

      If you like NHL here's one for saturday with $100: http://bit.ly/zk0YcO

      They host these to help spread the word about their new site for money leagues. It's great and legit, enjoy.

    • LOL I made a couple post seem you must be the monitor you seem to remember posts that i made a year ago..also im tired of these losers on here pulling this crap and unsuspecting people falling for it so if you don`t like what Im doing don`t read the post at least Im trying to help another person out what a life you must have Sir sounds like you need to either get your fat AZZ off the couch and do something or mind your own business

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      • Wraith, I will extend an honest invite to you to one of my money leagues. You will not have to pay a cent. I will pay your entry fee out of my pocket as if you had paid for it. Whatever you win (with my money) is yours to keep. My leagues are all on leaguesafe.com and are played on Yahoo. My point with this is not just to show you there are good-willing legit folks out there running money leagues; I am also curious to see how much you really know about the game of baseball. What do' ya say? Are you a gamer? Come on over and play for free money and show me and the other boys what you’ve got. Then at the end of the year you can always come back here and tell your story.

        If interested, reach me here: jgarciriz@yahoo.com

        P.S. I am prepping the spreadsheets for my H2H leagues as I type this… getting ready to start sending invites in the next week or so. I will also soon be hitting the message boards everyday looking for new owners willing to play.

    • yep, I won a money league 2 years ago, $100 buy in, the only problem was...the commish. vanished right after the draft, and I was never able to track him down. But I think the real scam of it was, that I seemed to be the only one concerned about finding him. No one else even responded to my pleas to find this guy. Of course yahoo couldn't do anything because its your own discresion to pay into a non legitimate money league. They said...next time you should sign up to Yahoo Plus league and i wouldn't have ran into this problem. So i did...and I haven't ran into that problem again. The morel of the story is, unless its one of your friends or work mates who are in the league with you....NEVER give anyone your hard earned money that you don't know.

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      • This Wraith is the same guy who posted a bunch of negativity last season...........must be his personal mission! It's OK to keep people alert as to the scams around, but he must monitor the boards day and night. What a sweet life!

      • There ARE some honest money leagues out there.........just have to do your homework. I've ran a number of leagues for 10 years now and collected a large following of devoted players. I hold around $10,000 a year between baseball, football, BCS and March Madness and not once has it crossed my mind to take the money and run. But I do realize I am probably the exception so I never blame anyone for having doubts.

    • Not a Math person hahaha give me 8 teams and you wont even finish top 5

    • also if its just a private run league they dont even put up the 800

    • They can control the draft as well and make trades between each other dont be mad because I ruined your SCAM

    • Very good point!

    • You're obviously not a math person huh? The odds are the same regardless of how many teams a single person controls. If they control 8 teams then they have to pay 8 times as much and win proportionately less if they finish in the money. If none of their teams finish in the money they lose $800 compared to the $100 of every other owner. The only way they would be scams is if they do lopsided trades which should be easily recognizable by the other league members.

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      • Excellent reply. I agree the dude obviously doesn't know too much about math because such a scam as he stated it would not work for the same reasons given above.

        I run several roto and H2H baseball money leagues through leaguesafe/ yahoo and they are all 100% legit. My leagues have several different ways of winning to avoid having all the money go to one single owner and also to help keep the leagues active alll year, and thus far everybody seems satisfied. And unlike many of those established websites that offer half-ass prizes for winning a league (that amount to only half of all the money pot taken from owners) the full amount of the money collected in my leagues gets paid back to the winners at the end of the season. I do try my best to make sure everybody is who they say they are by asking they provide a valid phone or cell number, their Yahoo email address and fantasy profile, and their City of residence but other than that no questions asked. So to the guy whining about money leagues being a scam just go somewhere else with your tears. Perhaps you are jealous that others win big and you can't.


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