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    New approach to fantasy sports

    I want to welcome everyone who is a fantasy sports lover to join our network and become a part of our expansion phase next season. We are looking for people to subscribe to our blog, like us on Facebook, subscribe to the Youtube channel, and follow us on Twitter. The goal this year is to bring like minded people together to discuss in our forum different topics. We have 3 authors and 1 editor participating on the blog, and a video manager on the Youtube channel. We want owners who play in free leagues, money leagues, want to remain anonymous (free leagues only), and/or play H2H, Roto, or a variation of the 2 to become followers. We have big plans to progress this year and to hopefully launch our own web-sites and software next year. Money leagues have a 100% payout, and we are considering doing a series of prizes through ad partners for the free leagues. Go to the blog address below and you will find all of our websites along the right under the logo. We will be doing a lot of updates starting in the next week or so, and you can get them by simply following the blog by entering an e-mail address in the section right underneath the logo. This will get the blog posts sent to your e-mail for you to read. Support us in this process and you will like what we have for you down the road! Thank you.

    P.S. Bill posted a very nice piece on fantasy in the old days he wrote sometime ago. Give it a look and tell him what you think!

    Major League Fantasy Sports Blog:

    The authors on the blog are:
    1. Marc Foster, who will be doing analysis and opinions on players, transactions, and call ups under the tagline "Foster your roster".
    Marc has a bachelors in communications and is a 2 time winner of MLFB (2009, 2011).

    2. Bill Sowles, who will do commentary, history, and opinions that touch on fantasy sports in general under the tagline "Food for the Sowles".
    Bill has been playing fantasy baseball since it was invented in the early 80's, is a network engineer, and has authored numerous articles over the years.

    3. Corey D Roberts, I will do a variety of different topics and do weekly updates on the leagues.
    I played baseball for 15 years of my life, played fantasy sports for 10, have been writing most of my life, and have been in the finance/housing industries for 8 years.

    4. Jessica Collins, who will serve as our editor; making sure that all of our information makes sense and is spelled right. She will also serve as our video manager on our Youtube channel.
    Jessica has a bachelors in communications (radio, tv, film), has done radio ads in the past, she writes movie scripts, and puts up with me on a daily basis!

    Youtube channel update by Jessica Collins:

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