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  • shadak shadak Sep 30, 2011 2:05 AM Flag

    need some opinions here.. plz!!!!

    so.. this lifetime league that im in started this year. All is good the league goes on and the trade deadline of 8/14 hits.. ok, rules are rules i understand that. well, on the last day of the year, the commish decides to turn trading back on from the last regular season game (wed) to friday... as soon as he reactivates this rule, he and another league member, who happens to be his co-worker, put together this blockbuster trade... well, a day or so before this he makes this post stating "be sure your rosters are set with nobody on the DL cause they will get dropped.. who you end the season with is who you start next year with"...... now, to me this is all some shady shitzz... should i be trippen or am i over-reacting.

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    • lifetime league based on what??? I am assuming that next year the league will have to be created and invites sent out..you can just not sign up if you feel that the commish is a cheat...

    • Not an over reaction... is it a money league? if so, drop them and move on... too bad there's quite a few like those out there.

    • You are not over-reacting. What happened stinks and I am surprised at some of the crap that went on in some of the leagues. My league was small thanks to four teams getting kicked out. I didn't agree with one of those removals, but it was not done for shady reasons. Our commish wanted active managers and was proactive in seeing this happen. Overall, I believe she did a solid job in running the Late but Great League. I was the champ in a thrilling finish. I beat out the second place team by two points and the third place team by three. The commish's team was third, and she pulled no garbage. I'd play in any league she runs.

    • if you think about it, when the league starts the next year, there has to be a draft of some sort - even if its a nominal draft and you only get last years team back. but your league settings have a roster size which is presumably unchanged. its impossible to draft more than that. also, your dl guys won't be on the dl at the start of the season presumably - so now your roster is too big. it looks like the commish is actually foreseeing a problem, and is fixing it now. i'd actually be more concerned about his year end trade than your dl issue.

    • anyone?????


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