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  • Rod Rod Dec 2, 2011 12:14 PM Flag

    The Rip-off Commish Tread

    I wanted to re-post this as I replied to the wrong message...commish who appears to be scamming a bunch of people:

    I did some research and he was using Yahoo and rotoworld and had 8 baseball leagues and now has a combination of 15 hockey and football leagues. He uses the e-mail addresses of "redsox4949@ymail.com", mikeb7601@yahoo.com", and "kdog49ers@ymail.com". On paypal he used "buchanan web makers" and says his name is mike buchanan.

    He posted a copied e-mail message from Paypal saying his account was frozen due to all of the transactions he was making and his "account" showed over $13K.
    I started looking at other message board posts and he was bumping his messages to the top with different aliases (redsox49, tigers, redsox, mike buchanan, the commish49). Shame on me for sending the money, but I want this information out there so no one else falls victim to this guy!! If anyone else has been scammed by this guy can you reply as I'm pulling together as much information as I can to take it further.

    I'm sure we will be hearing more about this guy after the footbal season has ended.

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    • he also used kdog345@yahoo.com

      and mikeb7601@yahoo.com

      now all these emails have one thing in common, and it is undeniably the same thing, the same yahoo ip addresses, when i looked up kdog345@yahoo.com there was also a facebook account associated with it, look up kyle neal, from elgin oklahoma, that I believe is caleb william allen, did he run that scam in football as well, wow what a thief...

    • im here and ive posted and emailed everyone about my leagues all the time and even gave my number out. it wass not my fault it was pay pal and ive been tryiong to fix it and i just got the check in from pay pal. i would like to hear of any other teams trhat have had problems with pay pal and clear my name up..


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