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  • victor victor Oct 1, 2011 11:12 AM Flag

    The Rip-off Commish Tread

    Your STUPID for joining a private league, when will you idiots ever learn...Yahoo tells you to join private leagues at your own risk, they have no control over what commish does....Do you know why, Because hes the commish, its his league, he can do what he wants...

    • You make some good points but most commissioners run fair leagues. I ran two this year and have people making sure I reserve and expand slots for 2013 season. I plan to run four next year and they will be run clean. But I understand your point, and it is ashamed that so many people are scumbuckets.

    • Excuse me???? I've been commissioning a PRIVATE league for 12 yrs and I have NEVER, NOT ONE TIME, cheated anyone out of one dime or one player. If you want to ask every player in the league if I am telling the truth I'll send you every one of their email addresses. Private leagues don't make bad leagues. Bad commissioners make bad leagues pal!

    • Why do you think that is so terrible. I've been a commish a good dozen years and a lot of people have enjoyed playing in our leagues during that time and I enjoyed meeting a lot of new really nice people all over the world in all sports. We get to customize our leagues in the way we like,develop side games to go along with the great yahoo games and develop some nice friendships. Public leagues are a big risk for people that quit half way through the season,as you don't know who they are( not that you can't get dead teams in a private league, you can,but not as many). Anyway as a commish or a player I would choose a private league over a public any day of the week.. The big thing of course is to check the league settings and if it's not for you definitely find something you would enjoy to play. That's very important. The other thing is I wouldn't send money to strangers or get involved in any money leagues unless you absolutely know the commish as a friend. I have had people playing with me for a long time and still wouldn't start a money league even now. Not worth the trouble. Bragging rights are good by me! Feel badly the guy screwed you though for sure.


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