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  • Slappytheclown Slappytheclown Sep 29, 2011 1:08 PM Flag

    The Rip-off Commish Tread

    one thing to find a good commish is to check posts from that individual. rip-off artists are usually just active at the beginning of seasons on the board, then hide.

    good commish's will post all year


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    • Just saw this by coincidence...

      And felt like I needed to post because actually I don't entirely agree with what you just said that good commissioners post all year while rip-off artists do so only during spring training. I do agree there are plenty of scammers online, though, so we all have to pay attention when choosing a league and a commish.

      In my case I run several fantasy baseball money leagues but normally I only stop by these message boards during the spring just about a month to 40-50 days prior to the start of the season looking to fill the few empty spots that may come up; or hoping to find folks for an entirely new league. After the long baseball season I normally chill – only sporadically stopping by here - until next spring training rolls around since more often than not I skip the fantasy football season altogether to spend time with my family. But don’t get me wrong I do love football too and plan to someday put together football leagues that will compare to what I’m doing with my baseball leagues.

      I take my baseball prize leagues very seriously, though - to the extent of designing fancy itemized spreadsheets with all the finances and the most relevant stats for the year. I am currently working 24-7 to put online a website for the leagues. Check out my spreadsheets in dropbox (copy paste the links below to your browser) to get a slight idea of what I'm doing. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone's invited to my leagues as long as they have a valid yahoo email address and a LeagueSafe account because the money pot is safely kept there all season and disbursing is also done through LS.

      $30 H2H league

      $50 roto league

      $75 h2h league

      $75 roto league

      I plan to bring these four leagues again in 2012 plus two more leagues with different settings/formats. The entry-fee for the old leagues will stay the same as they are in the spreadsheets, but the new leagues will have buy-ins in the $100-$150 range.


      Anyone interested in getting a hold of me for next season: jgarciriz@yahoo.com.

      P.S. All spam will either go straight into my spam folder or get filtered out as usual, so spammers pls don't waste your precious time. Thank you.


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