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  • John John Aug 29, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    Need commish advice

    I have a team in my league where the manager has "bent" the rules. He's smart, and has used (to his advantage) the rules in place. What he's done has not been in the "spirit" of the league. He has not broken any rules, but took advantage. He's now going to make the playoffs. Technically the spot is his. However, there are more deserving managers. I don't like proposing this b/c I'm playing the "God" role, but can a commish swap teams standing prior to the playoffs. I.e.; pull #2 out, and replace w/#7?

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    • Perhaps. Live & learn...

    • What he did was wholesale drop & adds, daily. Most managers tweak their rosters until they get it right. As such, I did not impose a max moves per week. To date, the league average moves are between 35-40. He's made 293 (so far, 2 more today). He would completely dump the bulk of his rotation, minus the few quality guys he had. I didn't figure it out until almost halfway through the season, he was building up his points (.1 = IP). My bad for not picking up on it sooner. Anyway, I ended up putting in a 4 moves max a week around the All Star break. From that point forward he's been an under 500 team. So no, he didn't break any rules. However, he also didn't get to where he is by playing the game in good sportsmanship. He manipulated a loophole.

    • I would like to know how he bent the rules.

    • You shouldn't do anything.

      As you say, he didn't break any rules. Surely the rules you have were there for ALL managers and if he was the only one smart enough to use them to his advantage then you can't penalize him for that. All the other managers could have done what he did but they didn't, and it's not fair to penalize a guy for being smarter.

      What you do is you tighten up your rules for next year to make sure stuff you don't want happening doesn't happen.

      As it stands, it's your fault in the first place for having a set of rules in place that didn't do what they were meant to do.

    • Need to know what he did that is so bad. If he did break any rules then he should be in the playoffs. To win fantasy u need to use Smarts to win leagues.


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