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  • Djalminha Djalminha Aug 26, 2011 3:11 PM Flag

    different sort of trade problem, could use advice

    Back in June we had two managers do a deal, and part of the deal was that Team A would send Josh Johnson to Team B for Shawn Marcum.

    Team B agreed to let Team A keep Josh Johnson until he came off the DL or until the end of the season, whichever came first, and at the same time that happened Team B would send Marcum to Team A. So it was in a sense a PTBNL trade.

    The trade was posted and agreed to by the managers of Teams A and B and was voted to pass by the rest of the league. The other players involved in the trade switched rosters when the trade was passed.

    Now both managers are wishing to modify that portion of the trade that they agreed to, arguing that since they own the rights to the players they can amend the old trade conditions so that each manager will get his player now. Team B, who would be getting JJ, is out of the play-off race, and Team A, who would be getting Marcum, is going to be in the play-offs.

    Just wondered if they have any rights to alter conditions of a trade that the rest of the league allowed to pass, or if seeing as they own the rights to the players they have a point?

    It's a keeper league, so under the original trade both managers will have the player they traded for next season.

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    • The original deal should stand. Some of the other managers voted for it as is but might not have let it pass knowing the team who would make the playoffs would have Marcum on his team. Of course he wants to change the deal he gets Marcum to help him in the playoffs. Not to cool. Keep on having fun.

    • i dont understand y they didnt just send the players "as is"....you CAN trade DL players so this is kinda ridiculous honestly...

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      • Yes, thank you, i'm aware that you can trade any player on your roster despite his status.

        The point is that they did a trade where some players moved rosters but they decided to save the Marcum/Johnson part for later. The reason for that is the guy with Marcum was still in the race at the time and didn't want to hurt his chances by trading away a viable SP for a guy on the DL. He was assuming Johnson would be back by now i guess and that he would still be in the race and Marcum for JJ would be a benefit to him for the play-offs.

    • I would say that they would have to abide by the deal that was agreed on by the league. or give the option for the league to vote on the tweak to the original trade. altering a trade in any way is not the right of the people involved in the trade. The only way that it would be o.k. in my book is if the league agreed to allow it or force them to live by the original deal, though a vote


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