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  • frankenstein frankenstein Aug 24, 2011 9:10 PM Flag

    veto trades

    This happened to me........the leader of the public league is 30 points ahead of everyone and I'm out 40 points (8th place) in a winners league......
    I made at trade for RP-walden and Howard for cj wilson and jurgens a week before ther trade deadline only for the league to veto the trade...... the few responses i got were that it was an unfair trade.
    I needed a hitter and some saves he needed starting pitching....
    I also had Ellsbury for lincecum lined up, which I didn't pull the trigger on because I told the league to stick it.....I also had another manager demanding lincecum & marcum for Texieria....Since they vetoed my trade the team that was going to trade ellsbury (who got hot) has jumped into 2nd place....by thier rules of unfair trades, they actually determined the out come of the league by changing the coarse of teams that were willing to trade. As it stands they were no trades all season long.....this was the only trade accepted....power of the veto....sometimes a winner league is a wieners league......were 30-40 points out of first and they veto a trade....this doesn't make sense....I guess they were scared I might pass them in the standings and take 2nd place....what you think about the power of the veto ?

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