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  • Tim A Tim A Aug 16, 2011 12:20 PM Flag

    Kevin Gregg

    I'm not sure if it would've mattered but my ERA was just higher than my opponents for this last week. Kevin Gregg got beat up pretty bad but posted a INF for his ERA. Will this change or does he get 0 ERA even though he gave up 4 runs w/o recording a single out? I had a small chance and may have taken ERA category otherwise.

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    • ERA is calculated based on innings pitched (or outs). Because Gregg didn't record an out, his ERA for the game is infinite (ERA = Earned runs * 9 /IP). Once he records an out for the week, he'll get a number. Regardless, his pitching stats get rolled into your weekly stats. To see what I mean, open up StatTracker and click on the Weekly tab.

    • his e.r.a. was infinity. you don't get a zero e.r.a. by giving up a bunch of runs without getting an out. its grade 9 math.

    • It doesn't matter what Gregg's ERA was. Your team ERA is figured by taking the total ERs your team allowed divided by total IPs your team had multiplied times 9 (9 innings in a game).
      So say before Gregg, your team had 9 ERs allowed in 36 IPs - ERA 9/36x9 = 2.25.
      Then after Gregg's implosion (4 ER w/ 0 IP) your ERA = 13/36x9 = 3.25.
      Technically, Gregg cannot have an ERA if he didn't record an out, but your team can still have an ERA.

    • This isn't an answer. I actually just barely won the ERA stat last week and my opponent had Gregg... So I would like to know this answer as well. Good question.


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