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  • StrikeThreeYerOut StrikeThreeYerOut Jul 25, 2011 5:07 PM Flag

    Why won't people trade and why VETO in FREE leagues

    Why will people with bad teams not make trades in "Free" Leagues? Why do others then VETO these trades?

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    • why do you EXPECT people to want to make trades? Maybe the teams that you think are awful are not that bad. Case in point. I drafted Dan Uggla with my second pick in a NL only league. It's not up to you to decide who is a "bad team".

    • I think it is tougher to trade in the smaller leagues since there is still much quality out there on the FA market. It is frustrating but you can't force anyone to trade.
      I think the vetoing bit can go to far from what I read. Too many commissioners play God and think they have to play by the current numbers instead of allowing a manager to play a hunch and gamble on a trade that seems one-sided on the surface. Tough calls. Our commissioner vetoed a trade I made but she sensed that the other manager was dumping his roster and she did the right thing to protect the league.


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