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  • Nancy Nancy Jul 14, 2011 7:35 PM Flag

    Has anyone ever

    Had their team deleted by the commissioner in the middle of the season for no reason? I was deleted by the commissioner of the league called the Fall Classic 2010. If anyone knows this jerk tell him I said thanks.

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    • This league did not have a no cut list. Nothing in the rules said the team you got when you started had to be your team all season. I got burnt by players with long term injuries, and dropped some because I needed the DL space (David Wright). Others started the season in the dumper (David Ortiz), and some were not playing daily. Rather than have my entire bench filled up with players who couldn't play, I dropped some. There were some I now wish I hadn't, but I agree with a previous poster, Brendon was ticked off that he didn't get the players I dropped and wasn't paying attention. He NEVER emailed me despite what he said, the only email I got came after I was removed as manager. I think he's full of sour grapes and please be careful if you join his leagues. I'm in several other and have not had any complaints like he's mentioned, and my brother who manages several leagues never heard of such a move by a commishioner.

    • That is why you click on Yahoo's "DO NOT DROP" list when setting up your league.

    • Your the commish and obviously within your right if you feel it's for the good of the league and is upsetting the balance. It should be about having fun but I know if someone in the league made some of those stupid moves, I'd have some questions. We've all had injuries on our teams but I haven't heard about bleeding the talent that was mentioned. And for the post that commissioners don't step in on stupid things, check the Dodgers / McCourts.

    • yes dudes a cry baby.......

    • I know your comment must be referring to what phoenix posted, because I would never replace a manager because they didn't want to make a trade with me...just making sure.

    • Thats so F'n Lame, just cuz you cant have your way your gonna look for another reason to remove him, Youre a shitty azz commish, and A BIG AZZ CRYBABY... Grow the F up.... you dont deserve to be in charge of a league.....

    • you do realize that your example has nothing to do with what's going on in our league, right? You're talking about replacing a manager because he/she didn't want to trade with you...I am talking about the need to replace a manager who dumps all of their players. Nancy has dropped every player but three from our draft. Now, in many leagues this might be acceptable, but when someone is able to snag a premium player off the waiver list, it really messes the whole league up.

    • That is also true. A team cannot be deleted, but it can be taken over by another manager. If Nancy were in my league, I would not have replaced her. I would have asked her why she was making those moves. When someone drops very good players, that is NO EXCUSE to replace someone. I think the commish has overstepped his boundary.

      I will give you an example that I am in right now. There is someone in one of MY leagues who drafted Jose Reyes, MY FAVORITE player, SECOND round!! I was pissed off when he did that and he was not even in the draft room!! Now, I know for a fact that he did that out of spite, despite his claim that he did not do it out of spite. He claimed that he might trade Jose Reyes to me and then said that Jose Reyes is not tradeable. I chatted with one of my league members and he said that the guy should not be replaced for that reason. Now, he said that the guy should be replaced for several reasons like not trading, not cooperating, etc. I told him that it was not a good reason to replace him. I have tempted to replace him because I want to get Jose Reyes. I have the second best SB SS in the game in Elvis Andrus whom I offered to trade to the guy for Jose Reyes. The guy declined the trade!! I was pissed off. Trading one to one between Reyes and Andrus is a totally fair trade considering that they both have almost the same number of stolen bases as each other, although Jose Reyes is a better player. I am not going to give him TWO guys who can steal bases for Reyes nor trade two guys for Reyes with Andrus being one of them.

      Because of his not trading Reyes to me, I am waiting for the RIGHT reason to replace him!!

    • Nancy you are wrong. He did NOT delete your team. He found a replacement owner for your team. Your players are NOT available for anyone to pick up. The new owner is simply replacing you.

    • I asked the league to ask around and this manager is someone that Black Cats knows...I have never competed with him before.

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