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  • anthonyi anthonyi Jul 1, 2011 10:17 AM Flag

    How to change a team's slogan

    I have a team in my league that made a personal attack to another team inside their slogan. Is there a way to delete this slogan? Thank you

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    • Ok I have better advice now, I'd sent the dude an email (privately) letteing him know that ur league isn't about attacking other (even if ur just joking around) please remove the slogan. If he says no, then u say ok but if u don't don't it I'm going to have to lock you out. It's pretty fruity that u would have to lockmhim out, can mess up the league. I'd use it more as an empty threat, unless u really want him gone. Or just lock his team until he agrees to change slogan. U might be able to lock his team, remove his slogan and unlockmhis team, but that ain't gonna do nothing he can just change it back.

    • Lmao how does fantasy baseball turn into the wwe lol Jesus, sorry I don't know I can't help u out, just find it funny how much beef goes on in a fantasy league


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