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  • alanl alanl Jun 28, 2011 3:32 PM Flag

    I have a question about bad commissioners

    I been seeing a load of "stay away from ___________, he is a shady commish". I guess for locking teams, replacing the manager or what not. My question is it has to be a money league w people they don't know correct? I mean why would a commish freeze a team or control more then one team unless he was going to win money? Would have to be a sad lonely dude to be running shady shit like that just to say that he "won".

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    • no money league. Just a sad lonely punk who needs to cheat or gets a power trip for micro managing a league like he was Bud Selig or something. Can you believe I'm getting road rage over here for a game thats supposed to be enjoyable because of some punk commish.. If I could only blow up his computer with a virus or something, Then you would see some money action to the person to be able to exact revenge on this dude. Power hungry, thats all. Shamefull

    • "Would have to be a sad lonely dude to be running shady @#$% like that just to say that he "won"."

      that is exactly why guys do it. There are quite literally grown men on here who cheat in order to win imaginary trophies on an internet profile for winning a FANTASY game in order to feel good about themselves and impress other people who play the game. It is very pathetic.


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