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    league rule problem - help

    I've run into an issue in my league that isn't really coved under the rules. Its more of a grey area than a rule violation. Can other commishes weigh in and help me decide what to do.

    So I'm running a keeper league that allows farm teams of 5 players to be managed by each Team. Team A had Brandon Belt on its farm team. On May 31st, Team A posted to the Message Board that he was 'calling up Belt and replacing him with prospect Alex Cobb'. I changed the prospect list to reflect that move, so Belts name did not appear. Team A then 'forgot' (for almost 3 weeks) to pick up Belt and in Mid-June Team B added Belt to his active roster and placed him on his DL.

    So now both teams claim to own Belt fair-n-square. One feels he is the victem right now and the other feels he will be victemized by having to give up Belt. I asked the league and everyone is being silent about it.

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