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  • My team really isn't very good, but I might as well see how others feel.

    C:Victor Martinez
    1B:Ryan Howard
    2B:Ryan Roberts
    3B:Justin Turner
    SS:J.J. Hardy
    OF:Brennan Boesch
    OF:Melky Cabrera
    OF:Jason Borgeois
    BN:Orlando Cabrera
    DL:Darwin Barney

    SP:Wandy Rodriguez
    SP:Dillon Gee
    RP:David Pauley
    RP:Joel Hanrahan
    P:Derek Holland
    P:Carl Pavano
    P:Kyle McClellan
    P:Ryan Vogelsong
    BN:Zack Greinke
    BN:Roy Oswalt
    BN:Jason Vargas
    DL:Aaron Harang

    As you can clearly see, not the best team, but I've won the last few series, so I'm getting better. I am in 13th out of 14, tho.

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    • This is not the weakest team around, but you need to bolster a lot, and i n a 14 team league there probably isn't much talent on the waiver wire. If I had this roster I'd begin by trying ti pick up as much youth as I can and hope lightning strikes, as it did somewhat with Justin Turner. You seem on the right track with Burgeois and a couple of others, but you should be jumping on Ackley and other promising youngsters. You might want to take a chance on picking u a Dan Uggla or star like that who has been terrible in first half but have great track records. Until you bolster roster, pay attention to match up ratings. You can make things work, but it will take work.

    • What happened in your draft!?!?!? Most of those guys are on the waiver wire in other leagues. However, I recommend to go with whoevers hot, since most of your players are dispensable.

    • like i helped others...my advice is to get more offense and less pitching! innings pitched is 1 category. id say 4-5 starters n 3-4 RP saves n holds!


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