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    How do I handle this

    Ok hear this, I made a deal with a manager in a keeper league that I am commish.

    The deal was sending him 2 guys and me getting three. The players dont matter at this point. I had 2 spots open on my roster and the time of the trade being accepted, so me receiving 3 would not have been a problem. Well Yahoo rejected the trade this morning saying that it would put me over the roster size even though it wouldnt. Unless its possible that they felt that because one of the players I was getting was on the dl it would put me over my dl slots.

    Anyways, I reoffered the same trade with no wait time so that we had our respective players for tomorrow and he came back and rejected the trade now.

    What do I do now. The trade was set to go through and because yahoo decided not to allow it he is now being an @$$ about it.

    Any suggestions???

    Ive had this happen before, but the guy jsut re accepted and all was well

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    • If the trade was legitimately accepted and not vetoed by the league, it's not hard for you to manually "swap" the players from your roster to his. I would attach a commissioner's note saying something to the effect of "Since this legitimate trade (that was accepted and not vetoed) wasn't processed because of a yahoo glitch, I manually went in and switched the players."

      Although you should've done it right away as to not raise any eyebrows.

    • but its not him necessarily "changing his mind" because he accepted the trade the first time..

      i think if that happened, & you were commish but the deal was between two other teams, you have to do the same thing you should do now.. which is tell the league WHAT you're doing, and WHY. post a league message.
      & email the other owner, & let him know exactly WHY & how the situation can be fixed..

    • anyone else

    • Well, this is the only response I can think of. As much as it pains me to say, you might need to flex your commish muscle. Deny any and all pickups and trades of his until he wants to go through with it again. And don't keep him in the dark about it. Let him know beforehand that this is what you're doing and why.

      That's the childish way to do it.

      Here's what I would do. Nothing. Just accept that he changed his mind. I've made trade offers, then they don't reply for a few days. I see something in a player I do (or don't) like, then I take the trade down. I would venture to guess this is why you don't wanna say the players...

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      • Oh no the players were

        I give up Sandoval, and Josh Johnson

        Jed Lowire
        and Stubbs

        I have konerko and smoak as my 1b backups and I think Kershaw is going to be better in the long run

        I wrote the guy an email and asked him why he didnt accept again, and he hasnt responded yet, but I was thinking i may pull the muscle if he doesnt respond correctly, but like you said with him knowing full well what I was doing. As well as the rest of the league knowing the situation

    • anyone

    • i qnce pressed except by accident and even said no way on that comments and he still would not give them back i lost colby rasmus so i went out i murdered him in our macth up so he got his payback


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