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  • Scott D Scott D Jun 16, 2011 11:48 AM Flag

    2012 keepers: Youth Movement for 2013

    I was reading that trout has lost his power. baseball america said his attribute is his defense. thats not gonna help you much in fantasy.

    Defenitely save your waiver for Machado. that should solve your SS problem.

    As far as pence and hosmer. Its easy to get all star OF and 1B in the 3rd or 4th round of your draft next year. CY young type SP harder to get.(wainright)

    Paplebon tra was fine Pineda may be a mistake.

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    • Trout is only 19 years old. Barely old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes!!!

      The league has 15 teams, IF, OF, and 2 UT players.
      Outfield is split between LF, CF, RF.

      Deep league especially with the large rosters.

      Hosmer I would have difficulty letting go, but advice makes sense.

      Pence will be even more difficult to let go. Just too young to set free, and near elite. I will be trying to trade him in a package deal.


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