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  • CLIFF H CLIFF H Jun 8, 2011 9:07 PM Flag

    is this baustista-halladay trade fair ?

    in a 16 team keeper league there is a huge discussion going on as to weather this trade is fair or not .
    TEAM A ...gets doc halladay , nelson cruz and logan morrison
    TEAM B....gets cole hamels ,jose baustista and justin upton
    what do u think ???? is this trade fair or so lopsided that it should b vetoed??

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    • B wins. Hamels has been unbeleivable this year, and you know what you're getting with Bautista

    • Preseason you would probably say no but from where we stand now that's a lot of talent on both sides without much leaning one way or another. If you have other questions tweet me @The1FootballGuy

    • This trade is completely unfair, as Team A must be brain dead to want to give up the Bautista and Upton for that. Halladay for Hamels right now is a wash, as they will both win a similar number of games and end up close in strikeouts and ERA. Hamels might get a slight edge in a keeper league, but it's still Roy Halladay.

      The offensive analysis is overwhelmingly in favor of Team B. Bautista is playing his best baseball, by walking more and striking out less, which has resulted in career highs in average and OBP. He's hitting more line drives and less fly balls, so he's actually getting better. Upton is just an all-around productive player, who will hit around .290 and give you runs, power numbers, and steals. Neither Morrison or Cruz will produce above the level of Upton, so they can't possibly equal Upton plus Bautista. It's totally lopsided.

      Everyone who posts that they prefer Team A are just blowing smoke, as I haven't seen one good argument or statistic to support their claim. This is the problem with free fantasy sports, as your average r-word can make a team and subsequently ruin the league by making a terrible trade.

    • i would rather have team A..and it def should not be vetoed

    • Unfair trade is unfair. Team B is making out like a bandit, who in their right mind would give up Bautista and Upton for Cruz and Morrison? That makes zero sense. Morrison isn't even in the same realm as Bautista and Upton, he's an average player, the other 2 are GREAT players.

      Plus, if everyone thinks this trade is even, then what is the point of making the trade? You make a trade to improve a stat while trading away a stat you don't need, which means you should upgrade. You guys are trading apples for apples, there's no point. If you want to trade away the best player in baseball in Bautista, then you should be getting something amazing in return. That guy is getting garbage.

      Halladay and Hamels are pretty much a wash but I feel Hamels has a bit of an edge on Halladay at the moment.

      People that don't see a problem with this trade obviously know nothing about baseball and are not following MLB right now.

    • I think it's fairly fair. I don't see much wrong with it.

    • Not veto worthy. I like team A better but it's fair.

    • B is the better side but deffinetly not vetoable, vetoable for is completely unfair trades. like jack hanahan for bautista would be vetoable, but both sides are giving up valuable pieces, there for not vetoable

    • prob not vetoable but to call this fair or to say A gets the better side?!?!?! is completely insane
      bautista is a top 5 player and noone else is top 12
      upton is wayyyy better than morrison and hamels is fairly close if only slightly behind cruz

    • It is fair enough that it shouldn't be vetoed. I think the naysayers are probably just jealous that they are not in on the deal. Look for Nellie Cruz to explode if he can stay healthy.

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