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  • titansrst titansrst May 30, 2011 6:09 PM Flag

    Need to Be Unlocked

    Team in late But Great League needs to be unlocked so messages can be sent and received for fair competition. There were some problems with drop out teams and commissioner didn't like my disagreement on how to handle, This was two days ago and his solution is the accepted and seemingly fairest way to go. But a team is offering a trade and I can't get a message to him. The argument is over and the prior action is now affecting the league. Like I said, I believe he handled tough situation in best way possible. Not easy being head honcho, but need access to my league opponents. Also need to know if there is any special league ruling I should know about Jose Reyes and his bereavement leave.

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    • dude.....you posted this a while ago...what are you trying to accomplish? The commish has all the power, he locks it down, and only he can unlock it. I sympathize with your situation, but tough shit man. is what it is.

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      • I have no idea of what you're talking about in terms of posting the message earlier. The squabble is over, and I believe our commissioner did the best he could in dealing with a ridiculous situation thanks to those two teams. There is nothing to accomplish except being allowed to communicate like the other teams in my league so I can make trades and ask questions so there is no more confusion. It's not about power. It's about respect on all ends, and he;s earned mine. But how can he know my sentiments or questions if there is no way to reach him. See my point? There is no criticism or griping here,

    • Try emailing from your own email and not the Yahoo League.

      Bereavement Leave is like Parental leave in that the player is off for a short period of time (bereavement may be up to a week, but not sure).

      Yahoo will probably mark him as NA (not available) and will remove the tag when he returns to the team.


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