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  • Fred Fred May 10, 2011 1:15 PM Flag

    3 or 4 teams open

    I have 3 or 4 teams that need managers. 1 team is in a great league without pitching. other teams are in regular leagues. I must start reviewing all my players before the season ever starts. TOO MANY NO SHOW, YOUNG KIDS ETC


    contact me at


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    • typically adults become inactive becuase they have too much to do, when kids join its there first couple years in fantasy, the more you know eh?, its cool dont worry

    • billy_mireles81@yahoo.com

    • I fully agree with your comment about reviewing your team members before the season starts. It's one of the important things a commissioner can do for themselves and for the league they form. What works for me, is I setup my leagues (baseball and football) the very first day of registration. I then invite those owners I know personally, who really want to play. From there, I will publish the league but as an APPLY and not a JOIN. That way, people will email me. Suggestions for you: Start a conversation with them, even if it's something so tiny minor over anything, but it really will reveal the 'person' behind an email address. After that, if you want them on the league, by all means, send an invite. As a commissioner always be more active than the active owners you wish to have. I cannot stress this enough!! Always post a 'Commissioner's Note' welcoming owners, detailing some ground rules, expectations, etc. Make conversation on the league's message board, get to know your owners. Their responses will reveal themselves as people. Be a good judge of character. See what kind of guys and gals they are. What are their team names, team slogans, etc. All this is a strong sense of their personality. Your planning is crucial. Start your league in February for a baseball league (June for a football league). This will allow a whole month to go by and you've had the chance to know your owners before you draft (provided you draft right before the season starts..good idea here!!) Try these suggestions next year. I cannot promise you won't have ANY absentee owners, but it will minimize it. The flip side to all this? Owners get to know their commissioner. Whether or not his or her character of fairness is revealed. His or her sportsmanship should be readily demonstrated by their Commissioner's Note and their tone in emails and on message board posts. It really does go both ways..as it should. Good Luck!!

    • dtvmanager@yahoo.com

      very active, looking for a team to manage... my other leagues are too dormant


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