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  • titansrst titansrst Apr 19, 2011 9:08 PM Flag

    Wjat is going on?

    I am really upset because I am getting screwed royally tonight and I hope something can be done to correct the problem. I am a newbie and quickly learned the importance of staying atop of things. The first thing I did this evening was set my pitching roster, I have Johnson from Colorado and he was in the line up, as well as that Jiminez fellow who was making his first start today. I noticed that the latter was still listed as DL, but I made sure that he and Johnson were both in my line up and hit the submit button to affirm the moves. I looked at the roster once more before moving on. I then made another move to pick up Francouer and as I locked it up I noticed that both Johnson and Jiminez had been removed from my starting line up. I then wanted to correct that but could not because the Johnson game had begun. I then made a move to pick up Aaron Crow and move Jiminez to the DL so I would get some type of pitching stat tonight and Crow;s game had not started. Believe me when I say I did not mess up the moves, and maybe there is something in the rules about players coming off MLB disabled lists that is unclear to me. But the Johnson thing is upsetting, as he already is pitching great at 9:07 p,m. He can still get bombed, but what's fair is fair and another player I know in another Yahoo league said these things happen once in awhile. I hope not because I like this.

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