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  • Jon Jon Apr 13, 2011 2:50 PM Flag

    If a RP starts a game does he get the same points as a Starter?

    So there has been some debate in my league:

    We have been wondering, if a player who is listed as a Relief Pitcher on yahoo, has been transformed into a starter will he get the same points as a starter?

    For instance in my league a Win for a starter is 10 points but a relief win is 5...If I start a player in my Reliever spot who is actually a starter (but is listed as a Reliever in yahoo for instance Alexi Ogando) than do I get the points for his start or since he didnt relieve I get nothing?

    Also, for players that are both SP and RP (like Matt Harrison) they could be started either place, but do they get the same points if they are in the SP spot vs the Relief spot?

    I have no Idea!


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