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  • TMH TMH Apr 1, 2011 11:48 PM Flag

    League of Aholes

    So I joined a 16 team league in it's second year. Turns out, the majority of the managers know each other, and the commish's dad is also in the league. A few days ago, the commish's dad dropped Andrew Bailey (who is on the DL). Yesterday, the commish put Bailey back on his dad's team, and added a long commish's note laying out basic rules for the "newer players" like what a DL spot is, what waivers are, how to trade, etc. He said he added Bailey back to the team that dropped him (he didn't say it was his dad, I remembered from the draft) because he didn't understand the DL rule.

    So I posted that all of that was weak, and it was funny he corrected his dad's mistake. He posted a long winded response explaining that he would have done it for anyone, and I shouldn't be accusing him of such things one week into the season. A couple of his friends posted that I was a dick, a douche, and to "eat my poo".

    So my question to you all is, is this as ridiculous as I think it is? Or am I the dick? Should I quit the league, or just wait until I'm inevitably kicked out?

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    • Perhaps it's a friendly league, where people are not cut throat.
      Many play these games for enjoyment.

      As a newcomer, you should voice your opinion, but don't be a dick about it.

    • Just maybe not the league for you. I don't see anything particularly wrong with what he did, assuming it doesn't become a pattern of favoritism.

      If you don't like that kind of thing, find a different league.

      I could see the same *result* in my current league (player added back to newbie's team), but only after a fairly open "appeal" of sorts (newbie or commish would explain the situation and the commish would seek the opinions of the other players, I'm guessing halfish would be in favor, and newbie would likely wind up getting player back with a strongly worded warning).

      I'm sure many leagues would just say tough. Find the kind of league that suits you. If you otherwise like this league, chill out, it's just fake baseball.

    • your in for a long season in that league bro, you just killed any chance getting a trade unless you give half your team. there is no excuse for what he did, dad or not, he should have known to DL a player, hope it's not a money league.

    • I think it's weak. There's message boards, emails, or he can walk into his son's room and ask him a question about the DL spot. I'd be pissed too.

    • I've been commissioning leagues in 4 different sports for several years now. I run both complex and simple leagues. Despite the solid core of managers in those leagues I have about a 2-team turnover in each league from year to year. That usually means newbies since the more established fantasy guys stick to their "usual" 3-7 leagues each season. I've had to do exactly what your commissioner did a couple times over the year as the new fantasy leaguers learn the ropes. If it was me, I'd probably let it slide considering it IS the very first week. That being said, commissioners have a lot of power, especially in private leagues, so definitely raise a strong objection if it becomes a constant issue. Remember, Yahoo has a new rating system for both players and commissioners, so be sure to use that as leverage, since most of the serious players on here, will be using that to gauge what leagues to join in the future.

      Sorry, us commissioners really do get long winded, so i apologize for the wot. ;) Good luck in your new league and if you're looking for a great basketball league or football league in the fall hit me up. :)


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