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    H2H is better than Roto by a mile!

    Lots of people think Roto is the way to go, but if you're looking for a true mirror of what drafting and managing a roster is like, H2H is the way to go. Roto is simply predicated on stat compilation, H2H, if constructed correctly is a better reflection of how the game works, and how varied results can be, despite total stats. The world Series is not decided by who has the most home runs, but rather a combined result of good stats and better decisions. H2H rules!

    Play with real fans. Join now!

    Major League Junkies (ID# 169956)


    password = baseball11

    Best Stat Cats = No BS categories, but more advanced than 5x5

    Best Settings = Full rosters, low max moves, league trade review

    Best Competition = Trophy winners, experienced and knowledgeable fans ...ie. no douche bags

    Best Commish = Well someone's gotta be the best, lol. Anyway, I try my best to keep leagues fun, fair, and competitive. Been playing fantasy for 6-7 years, commishing for 3-4.

    Looking for intelligent owners, no rookies, no clueless people.

    Positive Attitudes preferred. Live Draft day/time will be change to accommodate owner schedules when possible.


    password = baseball11

    Major League Junkies (ID# 169956)

    Real fans of the game, sign up here, no money, just pride and enthusiasm.


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