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  • David David Mar 25, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

    help with a bad commish

    I few in a league would like some help of what to do with the commish we have.

    we all joined a H2H league then at the very last minute, I mean a minute or so before the draft was to start he changed it to a roto.
    He posted that he did so to show us that roto is the purest form of fantasy baseball. then he announced that he was bringing in 1 more manager late and that we all will have to give up at least 2 players in an "expansion draft" of course we all complained. now he has locked us all out for complaining. and we no longer can do any pick up drops or trades. we asked him that we wanted out and of course we could not. now hes threatening to lock a manager out completely for not "fixing" his name.. the managers name is "your finished" the commish wants it to be the right spelling "you're finished"

    WHAT CAN WE DO... in all we basically lost a league. so please any ideas please help us

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    • Be sure not to join any leagues by this guy in the coming days!

    • How many people are in the league? I'm running two 18 team H2H leagues and neither are full at the moment. One has 9 open spots and the other has 12 openings. You could email the entire league and have them come over to one of my leagues. I'm an honest commish that doesn't mess around. I never understood the point of cheating or slighting your players like that, I mean don't you want to build your reputation as a good commish and have repeat managers come back next season?? Certainly spread his name and email around so he's black listed as a backstabbing cheat. Anyway, here's my league info, you all are welcome to join.

      Must Not Fap League

      League ID: 29799


      password - fap

      9 of 18 spots filled

      MMA Fantasy Baseball League

      League ID: 30110


      password - mma

      6 of 18 spots filled


    • Join 1st year keeper league "No Streaming or Crying" Yahoo ID 184761.
      Draft Saturday morning 10:00 CDT. Check out the expanded scoring categories. I will listen to all suggestions, and seek a consensus for any league changes and the number of keepers. I am an active owner,and I would like to have a competitive league.

    • Sorry to hear of your troubles. It is so silly when people create drama over fantasy baseball. Report him to yahoo! and request to have your team deleted from the league. They can oblige.

      Additionally, I run a great H2H league, so if you and your fellow owners are knowledgeable and competitive, we have not filled up yet. Below, I have pasted the info from my post: H2H Trophies & Hotdogs. We welcome all participants who fit the bill...


      password = baseball11

      Best Stat Cats = No BS categories, but more advanced than 5x5

      Best Settings = Full rosters, low max moves, league trade review

      Best Competition = Trophy winners, experienced and knowledgeable fans ...ie. no douche bags

      Best Commish = Well someone's gotta be the best, lol. Anyway, I try my best to keep leagues fun, fair, and competitive. Been playing fantasy for 6-7 years, commishing for 3-4.

      Looking for intelligent owners, no rookies, no clueless people.

      Positive Attitudes preferred. Live Draft day/time will be change to accommodate owner schedules when possible.


      password = baseball11

      Major League Junkies (ID# 169956)

      Real fans of the game, sign up here, no money, just pride and enthusiasm.

    • Start a new league and leave the guy out. Anyone can do the commisioner part. All you have to do is find one more manager to replace the old commish.

    • his real name as it is listed in the managers section of our league is: garrick steadman.. and his email addy is byjiminy1@yahoo.com. avoid any league that this guy is involved in.

    • what is the A-HOLES name. blow his name up on the boards


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