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  • Ray G Ray G Mar 15, 2011 9:46 AM Flag

    Abusive Commissioner

    I joined a league recently where the commissioner has done some strange and inexplicable things and was wondering what we could do as a group to either leave/dissolve the league or drop the commisioner?

    So far he has resetted picks during the draft, made last second changes to settings before the draft started, and removed players from teams after the draft. For example, one of the fantasy teams has just removed Roy Halladay and Granderson from the league, completely vanquishing from the player :/

    Anyways, not sure what to do but hoping to get some solid feedback


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    • I had similar issues with a league last year in which the commissioner removed players frome team and then locked everyone out. I asked about help from Yahoo but they said they will not get involved and the best thing to do is just ignore that league. It sucked but there was no recourse for me last year I'm not sure if Yahoo has changed how they deal with this type of thing, I hope for your sake it has.

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      • If this commissioner wants a worthless trophy then you have no choice but to let him have it. It must mean a lot to him, but without the challenge of competing against others it isn't worth the time.

        Post who the commissioner is for others. I would email others in the league and ask them if they would be interested in boycotting the league. Then you can either bench or drop all of your players. This would ruin his league or force him to manage all the dead teams, (I have been a commish in leagues where I had to manage the dead teams and I can tell you it's no fun). In any case I would not play in this league. There is no way you can possibly win anyway.


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