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  • Rick V Rick V Mar 14, 2011 5:27 PM Flag

    Cheating Commissioner

    Thanks man but I am at the max, If the cheating commish would let me go I could join, but he has locked everyone in and scheduled a redraft

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    • Iam a commish and yahoo has put in a rating system now where you can leave comments that yahoo will publish you can rate commish and managers,you get to it by going to the league page then go to league tab and managers will drop down click on it then youll see rateclick on it then rate him as soon as Yahoo gets enough input they will post the ratings they just started about a month ago,I suggest you pass it on with the other managers so they rate him too.I have never had a problem in my leagues and I run Baseball,Hockey and Football.I know there are bad managers out there so hope this rating system help weed out a few.Any other questions I would be happy to help e-mail: jfexwell@yahoo.com I hope this helps and Good Luck!Jim