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  • Max M Max M Feb 13, 2011 1:31 PM Flag

    2nd Year Super Active Keeper League- 4 spots open

    Hey guys, before you respond, PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST.
    Anyways, I'm Max and I've been a commish for 4 years now for Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football. I usually only commish one league per fantasy season, and each of these leagues have been fantastic. I recruit guys to be in this league who check extremely often every day (at least 5 times a day, I check at least 20 times a day), who post often (we had 1139 posts last year in the baseball league), who like to trade (the league does draft pick trades and player trades), and who are overall good guys to have in the league. Some of the guys that are in the league I've been playing fantasy with for at least 4 years and the eight that are in the league now were the most active and enjoyable league members from last year. I did not ask back the people that checked once a week or never posted, and they were liabilities in the league.
    Our league makes decisions by making suggestions on the message boards, and we do league wide votes on mostly everything. For instance, we figured out what categories we were doing last year (5 x 5 league plus xbhs and holds) and how we were determining our draft order (i picked it out of a hat) amongst other things by the voting system. I want everyone in the league to be an active participant so that this league is the best possible league. I would prefer that if you were interested, that you weren't in very many leagues so that this league was your top priority and you can check it as often as possible.
    Since this league is a second year keeper league (3 keepers per team), I would email you the rosters of the four defunct teams, and you would get to pick your roster and the 3 keepers you would like to select. We are doing keepers by what round they were selected in, and if they were FA's, you would give up a last round pick to keep them.
    IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED IN THE LEAGUE, post below why you feel you should be in this league (a good response) and your email address so I can email you the league information. Also, post any questions you may have as well. I'm looking forward to having another fantastic league this year, so please only respond if you are a fantasy nut like the eight people in our league and who is willing to put effort and time into making this league and your time in the league a very enjoyable experience.

    Max *The Commish*

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