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  • Eric Z Eric Z Feb 8, 2011 6:55 AM Flag

    Year 1 of New Keeper League

    Baseball Pro's will be starting it's first year of a keeper league. Been running leagues for the past 10 years now and want to start up a keeper league. Will be bringing in a few managers that I know will be active from past leagues and will set up a secondary website with forums and extra's to keep the league more interested. Looking to make it a 12 team 5x5 rotisserie. Working on a good keeper format that will work. Players will only be able to be kept for 3 years max. Been in many leagues where players can be kept as long as you want leading to in-active leagues. Will have league voting done in the first week to decide certain keeper rules such as amount of players and if it's gotta be 5 hitters plus 5 pitchers kept or can be any amount for each position for example. Only want serious managers who know they will be returning yearly so we don't need to replace guys each year. I was in a keeper league for the last 5 years and had managers I talked to weekly but unfortunately shut the league down this year so I'm hoping to form a strong core of managers who like to talk ball all year. Will have winter meetings to keep things active which helps in making some off season deals. If your interested or want more info e-mail me at ezak82@yahoo.com

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