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  • Durf Durf Feb 7, 2011 4:42 PM Flag

    Which Keeper Rules Would You Favor?

    Regarding trades, option A it wouldn't matter, all the other options you'd use whatever round they were drafted in. If they were a free agent pickup and then traded, they'd work as a free agent pickup.

    Thanks for the suggestions...

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    • Ok what happens if a team is able to trade for multiple players that were drafted in the first round?

      Say I wanted to have a excellent core five, and I made perfectly legit moves to accomplish this over the course of a season, and then the next year used the this first round caliber player was drafted in the fifth round strategy because I had multiple players on my roster drafted in this round for trade purposes.

      Say I had Halladay, Votto, Mauer, Heyward, and Wright with Wright being the last of the five drafted but all in the first two rounds in 2011.

      I get to draft Wright in the fifth round in 2012 thus making him a fifth round pick for 2013. IF I were to go to a team that drafted Ryan Zimmerman in the first or second I could use that as a selling point.

      While leagues like that sound good on paper if there is any trading it will become a mess in a hurry. Either because there are people that manipulate the system to get a excellent five players, or because there is so many rules in place that nobody does anything

      Lower keeper leagues also can have this problem. In a league that I"m in with a low keeper level (8 players then it moved up to 10, then to a 6-12 sliding scale and I believe its a 10-15 one now) I traded everything that wasn't nailed down...a for sure keeper for me...to improve my 8 keepers. I finished in last place that year, only to start the next season with a excellent young core and the first pick in the draft, which happened to be a second year David Wright

      From that year forward my team finished in 2nd place then rattled off 5 straight 1st place regular season finishes with one league championship.

      Eventually that will happen in most smaller leagues even if you take steps to prevent it.


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