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  • Durf Durf Feb 5, 2011 2:30 PM Flag

    Which Keeper Rules Would You Favor?

    I think I've narrowed down to 4 options for my new keepers league, which up to 5 players will be kept. Which option would you prefer and do you think there should be a max years that you can keep a player? Thanks for the help fellow fantasy geeks!

    1. Everyone must keep 5 players, they will represent the teams first 5 picks in the draft.

    2. You can keep up to 5 players that you drafted at -1 draft round (so you can't keep your first round pick). Free agents can be kept in round 10.

    3. You can keep up to 5 players that you drafted, one with each of the following lost rounds (0, -1, -2, -3, -4). Free agents can be kept in round 10.

    4. Everyone gets 5 points to keep players in the round they were originally drafted. Each year, it costs one extra point to keep a player an additional year. Free agents can be kept in round 10.

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    • The first one is what we use. We keep 8 of our 24 man roster with the league champ keeping 9 guys. That way it's 1/3 of your team is set from the previous year, 1/3 will be set by draft and the final 1/3 will usually be FA pickups. Plus the league champ gets a slight advantage which gives you motivation to win at all costs.

    • Probably option 1 or 4. In my league we have it set up so everyone gets up to 5 Keepers. Keepers are kept in the first 5 rounds. It's mandatory that you keep 2, free agents are taken in the 15th round but have to be either your 4th or 5th keeper player. So if you only keep 3 players, and one of them is a FA they are taken in rounds 1-3.

    • I like the "keeper points" a little. i guess you could just reset every few years.
      I dont like limiting owners to keeping "players they drafted" who cares right? If they were on the roster the previous season, that should be enough. All the rest is unneccesary. You'd be setting your league up for a lot of headaches and whining.

      Im really a fan of 2-4 keepers max, its all about the draft folks! Dynasty leagues are for the birds.

      One franchise keeper spot year to year would probably accomplish what youre trying for with a lot less confusion.
      You can let owners select an additional rookie keeper from their roster, and keep that player forever, but they can opt to select a new rookie to replace, any year, if they want. In a league Im in, franchise players will be ineligable for that tag once dropped from a roster.

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      • Thanks Goat, everyone will still be able to keep anyone who is on their final roster, regardless of whether they drafted them or not for all options.

        Depending on which option we go with will decide which round they get to keep the player in. So with the first option, regardless of where you drafted a player, picked the player as a free agent, or traded for the player, they would represent one of your first five picks.

        For the other options, free agents would be used as the round 10 pick (or should this be later), and traded players would use the original draft round (if the player was drafted by a team).

        I'm still trying to figure out what the best max players kept should be, I want the draft to be exciting still for sure. 5 is probably the max we'll do.

    • I have played in keeper leagues with modifications like the ones you have posted, i would suggest that keep track will be the toughest part once it is all said and done.

      How will trades be factored?

      Consider if you dont allow a player to keep a 1st rounder you may see one of 2 things -- a tanked first round, or trades at mid season that amount to dumps.

      I would suggest a auction/salary hybrid if you want to get that complicated.

      also, make sure you have truly dedicated and involved managers -- it gets tough if someone is disinterested. worse if they quit.

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      • Thanks for the advice Jeff, i mean boss :)

        I'm not too worry about conspiracy in the league or intentional tanking, but I hadn't thought about the 1st rounder point.

        If I keep it at 5 players or less, I think the track keeping will be okay. I really only need to keep track of trades as I can see who was drafted and who was on the final roster through yahoo.

        Regarding trades, you'd get to keep the player like you drafted them in the round they were drafted by the other team. If you have more than one player for the same round, one can be kept 1 round earlier.

        I definitely want to stay away from the auction/salary path. The point system option would be as close as I would go.

    • In our H2H league we allow each owner to keep 1 hitter and 1 pitcher.

      We have found it to be the perfect mix of getting your favorite Hitter & Pitcher from last years team and the 1st round of the draft is more exciting than ever.

      just my .02

    • there really is no right answer. whatever you and your league like

    • GrandSlam Trophy has a "simple" keeper league, GST Keepers, for rule 1 and a more complex keeper league, GST ProKeepers, with contracts that are similar to your other choices (at least somewhat).

    • In my keeper league we let the person keep the player in the round that he was drafted and each year the player moves up a round.

    • option 2,3, and 4 all sound foolish so 1 is best option

    • #1 is the norm as far as any leagues I'm in.


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