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  • Alex Alex Feb 1, 2011 8:03 PM Flag

    Keeper Picks Help

    I know its early but who would you pick? I am allowed to keep 5 batters (any position), 2 SP, and 1 RP.

    I finished 3rd in a 10 team H2H (up from 10th the season before). Last place drafts first, so I draft 8th.

    My team;


    Robinson Cano (2B, Yankees)
    Michael Cuddyer (1B/RF, Twins)
    Rafael Furcal (SS, Dodgers)
    ?lex Gonz?lez (SS, Braves)
    Vladimir Guerrero (DH/RF, Rangers)
    Austin Jackson (CF, Tigers)
    Joe Mauer (C, Twins)
    Mart?n Prado (2B/3B, Braves)
    Denard Span (CF/LF, Twins)
    Ryan Theriot (2B/SS, Cardinals)
    B.J. Upton (CF, Rays)
    Ryan Zimmerman (3B, Nationals)


    Josh Beckett (Red Sox)
    Jorge De La Rosa (Rockies)
    Kyle Drabek (Blue Jays)
    JA Happ (Astros)
    Tommy Hunter (Rangers)
    John Lackey (Red Sox)
    Cliff Lee (Phillies)
    Rickey Romero (Blue Jays)


    David Aardsma (Mariners)
    Ryan Franklin (Cardinals)
    Brad Lidge (Phillies)
    Joakim Soria (Royals)
    Rafael Soriano (Yankees)

    I was thinking of Mauer, Zimmernam, Prado, and Cano as 4 of my batters, not sure on the 5th. And Cliff Lee is a given as one of my SP.

    Any suggestions?

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