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    Draft Strategy

    im in a 10 team h2h league, is it better to go after position scarcity with power first? or what do people think?

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    • I just looked at my draft from last year. My best picks were Cargo in Round 11, Feliz in 16, Latos in 18 and Posey in 20. My Top 4 were A-Rod, Wright, Rollins, Wainright. I always shoot for 3 well rounded players and a Top SP in the first 4 rounds. Fill in the gaps in the middle and shoot for high upside guys late. I handily won last year, my ass was handed to me the year before, so it works great and it doesn't. I usually draft a catcher in the last 5 rounds and I don't touch RP. Drafted Feliz as a potential starter and it just worked out. Get a solid 7th or 8th inning guy for ERA, WHIP and Ks, screw saves, not worth wasting a top 20 draft pick on an RP. Do your research on this years up and comers.

    • I've only done Roto, but as far as Draft strategies, I don't think anyones wrong/right. I've done drafts where I've autodrafted, and had all stud pitchers at the top, and I've won my league. I stay VERY active on the waiver wire, and thats where I usually get my SB, and to some extent Saves. I wouldn't recommend this as a draft strategy, cause it won't work more than it will. You can't control injuries, slumps, or other such factors. Don't draft "potential", or players coming off 1 good year with top picks. Other managers will do that, and the consistent players will fall to you.

    • Stay fluid, your first pick depends on your draft position and that pick and what yor opponents are doing affects the direction you go afterward... but I have a 1st, a 5th,a 3rd and another 1st (3 money finishes) in a 14 team league the past 4 years using this startegy: (assuming you don't pick 1st- cuz thats always Albert)

      round1) scarcity if its Hanley, otherwise best bat
      2) best plyr @ a talent scarce pos.
      3) best bat
      4) scarcity
      5) best bat...try to get SB's with the stick here
      6) best SP
      7) best b/n SP and position u need
      8) see '7'
      9on) bats!

      you should have lots o' pitching talent late in a 10 team draft. make sure you have an all-star team on offense! good luck

    • position scarcity matters less when you have fewer teams in the league. but the value of star players goes up. who you take will of course depend on draft position and what's available so as always any clear cut strategy is a bad one. The most important thing will be your league settings.

      How many pitcher slots do you have? Can you stream, etc.? If you can, there's going to be a lot of SP depth to stream in H2H and so focus less on SPs. How many closer slots do you get. In a 10team league everyone can have 3 closers, so if you only have 2 slots, for instance, then there will closers on free agency so draft value goes way down. Pitcher selection will depend HIGHLY on your settings. Analyze them.

      As for hitters: 1B will have a lot of depth with only 10 teams, so if you don't get a top 1B don't worry. 2B/SS: depth will be less of an issue than in regular leagues. If you don't get tulo/hanley/utley/cano etc. DO NOT overreach for lower tier guy as much as you would in a 12 team league. C: Probably not much different than 12 team leagues. 3B: similar notes as 2B/SS except there are a few more top options before the drop off, so it might pay more to try and nab one. OF: similar to 1B, there will be depth at the backend, wait longer on the middle round guys. Categories: Pay more attention to value in the early rounds than balance. In shallower leagues there will be more opportunties to balance out your categories in later rounds than in normal leagues, especially at OF (good reason to hold off on OF drafting when in doubt).

      those are generalities, but realistically no one can give you a good answer without a full list of all the categories, positions and settings as well as the tendencies of managers in your league.

    • well first dont draft guys like heyward or upton unless u can get a good deal on them. their both unproven and wasting an early pick on either one if them can cost you alot. second, dont start drafting pitchers till around the 6th 7th round there are just so many guys that fluxiate throughout the year so chossing a a dan harran round 6 or 7 and a tommy hanson round 10 wont be that much of a difference, i actualy perfer hanson myself but thats just me. Ok now for ur question haha, it deppends where your pick is but i lways always try to stay away from picking an outfielder before the 4th round. if you have late pick you might be able to grab votto and wright or votto and alex rodriguez. 2 power hitters arods average was not great but 2 power hiters at 1st and 3rd base will help greatly. also dont get brandon phillips, hes the most overated player on the draft bored. kinsler always gets hurt. other than that hopefuly i was helpful of somesort. just dont take big risks in early rounds, i learned my leason.

    • Depends on where you pick. I would definitely try to get a top SS before round 3 if possible. Other than that I personally like to get the top hitter available early on.

    • in a 10 team league h2h, is it better to be balanced or what?

    • thanks anyone else?

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      • Round 1-4
        ss 2b 3b 1b in any order...probably that one due to pos scarcity (grab best value)

        Round 5,6,7.
        2 elite pitchers and 1elite outfielder.

        Round 8 - 12
        OF,OF,P,P,C in any order.

        Round 13 - 18
        P,P,OF,OF RP or any bats that have slipped too far.

        Round 19+
        great pitcher value in these rounds, fill any gaps and take a few gambles- who cares if they dont pay off here.

        Thats my plan anyway.

    • i hav a plan iv been using for years : first u take ur 4 IF (usually ss 2b 3b 1b) , then grab 6 P's (3 SP & 3 RP) then 4 OF.
      whats that u say no OF till the 11th ?
      OF is the easiest to get during season
      catchers can rot in hell the useless bastards with their 125 games played and injury prone asses

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      • I don't mind the strategy of filling your infield your first four picks, but taking 6 pitchers in a row (especially with 3 being relievers) after has a ton of draw backs.

        Also after the top tier of certain infield positions are gone it's often a better option to wait for a cheaper option rather than overdraft somebody that's overrated in the first place.

      • And how has that strategy worked for you (since you said you've been using it for a couple years)??

      • What my strategy is for a h2h league is

        Position scarcity ss 3b 2nd catcher. If you can grab one of the elite cathers early it is the best thing.

        now you want to stay away from on cat guys. I would rather gave 3 or four guys that do everything good then one guy that does one thing great. For example people love Ryan Howard. Yes he will hit 40 to 50 bombs but this is not a points league or roto this is head to head. Each week matters. Sure Howard will hit 3 or 4 home runs in a week maybe more. But he will also go weeks with 0 or 1 and 2. If you get a bunch of consistent 20 to 25 home run guys they all will give you 1 or so a week. That is the consistency you look for in h2h leagues.

    • I'd try to get one of the elite SS first (Hanley, Tulo)...

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