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  • Mr. Fjnardblickle Mr. Fjnardblickle Feb 3, 2011 7:26 PM Flag

    Suggestions for New Keeper League

    our parameters are similar to damons.
    This year we will have up to 7 keepers (we started with 5)
    Keepers are slotted into the last round of the draft to keep someone from skipping one in order to get the jump on everyone else.
    The draft is in reverse order of finsh in every round.
    We give each team an allotment of 10 keeper points. Every year that you keep a player he accrues 1 point. So theoretically you could keep Pujols for 10 years, but he alone would use your entire allotment. So after a couple of years you have to decide if a player has become to costly to keep. Sort of like a salary cap or free agent system if you will.
    Traded players keeper points reset to zero, encouraging trades. If you expose a player to the draft and then re-draft him his number resets to zero.
    It's simple, and prevents teams from locking up players forever.


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