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  • jayway jayway Jan 30, 2011 11:58 AM Flag

    keeper league question?

    what's up guys. So i'm thinking of changing my keeper league up a little bit. As it stands now we allow 5 keepers who you can keep for as long as you want. At first it sounded like a good idea but now two years in we can already ready see that it may suck because players can be keep with out penalty for ever. I'm thinking about changing it to each keeper player comes with a pick value. I've been seeing a hearing about this type of keeper league all over the board. So if anyone can give me the jist of how it works that would be great. Here's some of the questions i have.

    1) How is each players pick value determined? Do you just go of player rankings 1-300 and base the pick on where they are ranked.

    2) How do you determine how long that player can be kept. Should we set up a length of contract type system which locks that player into that pick value for a few years?

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    • What do the other members of your league think about you changing it?

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      • there up for the change because some its becoming a pretty top heavy league, same guys finishing in the top 3 or 4 each year with loaded rosters. I won the league last year and have never finished out of the top 3 with the other guys right there. We have had a different winner each year but its always a 4 team race. All our rosters are loaded with talent and we seem to always gobble up the young guys before anyone knows who they are and keep them forever. I'm just trying to get some more parity in the league so nobody loses interest in july. We are replacing 2 guys this year just because they have both finished last to second to last the last couple of seasons. Honestly they just aren't active enough so that mostly has alot to do with it. Either way i want the league to move over to a new system so guys feel like they have a chance each year.

    • We have used keeper the last two seasons and have seen the same thing happen. this year we are going to use this system that I saw online.
      Each team can keep up to 5 players (if that's the number you decide on) but is allotted 10 keeper points. For every year that you have kept a player in the draft (you can check draft results in Yahoo) you accrue 1 point. So if you kept a player in two consecutive drafts he uses 2 of your 10 points. If you keep him again, next year he uses 3 points. It's kind of like a free agent system. Sure you can keep a Pujols for 5 years, but at the cost of not being able to keep other players.
      We are going to build up the points retroactively back to 2009. In this way it will not directly affect any team this year, but it may indirectly affect who they want to 'keep' this year. If they allow the player to go into the draft and pick him up, his number resets to zero. The same action occurs if he is traded. This should also boost the number of trades in the league.

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      • as an example...I have kept Longoria, Kemp , and Braun the last two drafts. That is 6 points. Kept Ryan Howard last season that makes 7 points. I can keep three more players this year (we use 6 keepers).
        If I keep those 4 guys this year Longoria, Kemp & Braun would use up 9 points. Howard would use 2 points. That's already 11 points, 1 over the limit. No room for those 4, so at least one of them would have to be left open.
        By incorporating the system this year, in which no one loses anybody, it will give every manager a 'heads up' going into next year.
        It's a simpler, less complicated one than some of the others I have seen. Plus it gives managers the leeway to keep who they want, albeit at the cost of possibly limiting their number of keepers.

    • I am entering my first year of being a commish of a keeper league. The way I handle things are as follows:

      Each player can only be kept for a maximum of three years. Their value is determined by what round they were drafted in the previous year. So the following year, if you want to keep, say, McCutchen in the 5th, you lose your 5th round pick. Each year you want to keep a player, their round value inflates three rounds. If you want to keep a player in the 1st round again, you have to give up your 2nd round pick. Any player to be kept that went undrafted is assigned last round value.

      Example: I drafted, say, Heyward in the 13th in 2010. I keep him again in the 13th in 2011. In 2012 I keep him in the 10th. And in 2013 I keep him in the 7th. After 2013, I cannot keep him anymore, I release him into the pool (or trade him away to another owner). This forces managers to make a decision on which players are more valuable, and at the same time, every other year more or less, stud players will be available in the 1st round.


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