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  • Guru Guru Jan 30, 2011 7:39 PM Flag

    keeper league question?

    If people don't play and you guys always get the young players first then you need new people in the league not new rules.

    I'm a guy that believes if you grab Brown for Philly this year and he turns out to be a fantasy stud you can keep for the next 10 plus years you did your reseach and hes yours till you cut or trade him. Not my fault I gamble or knew about him and others didn't or ignored.

    Grab Braun when he first came up in my keeper league, Lincecum as well and Stratsburg. It a gamble on when to draft them and in the case of Stratburg and injuries I over paid but Braun and Lincecum have been keepers for me since they arrived.... why should I give them up because they are now "know and proven players."

    Whole point of a keeper league to me is to get the best players and use them to win or decided when to trade them to get top value. Simply losing them cause I've had them 5 years doesn;t seem fair to me just to give those who missed out a chance. They could have picked them and didn't.


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